23 Life lessons every mother has learned

May 7, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. ET

Let's face it, nothing can prepare you for the job of being a mom.

Sure, you probably had a mom of your own and it looks easy enough, but the reality of raising kids is much different once you're on the other side. Here are a few realizations just about every lady experiences at one time or another on this crazy journey we call motherhood.

1. The greatest gift you can give any mother is a nap

Mom nap

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2. Kids are actively trying to injure themselves most of the time

look mom

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3. There's such a thing as your "good" pair of yoga pants

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4. If you have a toddler, you can bathe or watch your favorite show on TV — not both


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5. Art made by your baby's hands is more priceless than anything hanging in the Louvre


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6. You're not nearly as cool as you think you are

Cool mom

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7. Floaters and backwash in your drink is totally no big deal


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8. Strategically placed furniture will cover any carpet stain

Carpet stain

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9. Forget sexy talk; if you wanna turn me on, do some dishes


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10. But, really, tell me you think I'm still sexy

Lady Gaga sexy

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11. Diapers are diapers for the most part, so buy 'em cheap and in bulk

diaper money

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12. No one is judging your messy house

Messy House

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13. Sometimes there's nothing you can do about a temper tantrum — you just have to ride it out


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14. Everyone has opinions about how to raise your kids — yours is the only opinion that matters

No thanks

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15. Your kid's perfectly stylish and coordinated outfit is completely unnecessary

stylish kid

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16. You'll spend most romantic "date nights" talking about your kids

Date night tina fey

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17. Sometimes buying your teenager's love is fine

teens mom

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18. This being a mother gig is hard

Lucille Bluth mom

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19. Your own mother was much smarter than you ever gave her credit for

salute mom

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20. There are going to be a few years where you just don't get to pee alone

pee alone

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21. And then one day you'll be lonely without everyone needing you every second


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22. Some days you're at the end of your rope, and that's OK

Ab fab

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23. Because most days, being a mom is simply the greatest gift imaginable

Mom kiss

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