I’m a mom of 5 kids and this is my true wish for Mother’s Day

Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous, special and most memorable events you’ll ever experience in life. I have had the blessed opportunity in life to become a mother five times and believe me, the magic has never worn off. Every single time one of my babies was placed on my chest, all I could think of in that precious moment was, “Wow… the world is exactly how it should be in this single moment.”

There’s a sense of completion within you when you become a mother. A feeling of “you did this, this little perfect baby is yours… ” and it’s an awesome feeling to have and to hold within your heart.

Mother’s Day is a time that gets a lot of women thinking about becoming mothers for the first time or expanding their families. I’ll never forget celebrating Mother’s Day in 2006. I had two baby boys, my William and my Alexander, and I had just suffered a miscarriage that truly rocked my world. My heart was in a million pieces. All I could think about was wanting, with all of my heart, to get pregnant again. Actually, putting it more honestly, I felt the true need to get pregnant again. Mother’s Day that year truly put into perspective for me the beauty and the responsibility that comes into being a mother. It also showed me firsthand that I wasn’t alone in trying to get pregnant; it felt comforting to hear the stories of so many fellow moms online all yearning for the same thing… a positive pregnancy test.

Mother’s Day always seems to mark a time in life when women share and communicate and dream about their longing to get pregnant, to become a mother. It’s a beautiful time of the year. It’s a true timeline mark for women to all unite and say, “This is the year I want to become a mom (again).”

This year, even though I’m done trying to get pregnant, I’m hoping and praying that my sister will have another baby. She has a 14-month-old son that is the light of her life and has truly transformed her. When I see her with her son, I know that being a mom was her calling… he is her little man, her little guy. I know my sister wants to have another baby and has been trying, so for me I’m beyond excited to get that call where she’ll say, “Guess what? I’m pregnant!” When you’re trying to get pregnant, I know it’s not always easy for other people to know that you’re trying… but it’s something that she has been so open about and I love that about her. I love that she wants a village of women behind her, all hoping and wishing and praying that a positive pregnancy test will be a gift to her and her family soon!

For me, there will be nothing more special than knowing my baby sister is having another baby.

That’s my true Mother’s Day wish this year.

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