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8 Moments to cherish on your first Mother’s Day

I will never forget my first Mother’s Day. It was such a glorious day. I had waited so long to become a mother. (At least, it felt that way.) And to finally be able to celebrate that momentous holiday… well, it just filled my heart with joy.

There are certain moments throughout those 24 hours that you shouldn’t miss. They are small. They aren’t filled with big lush presents and long-stemmed roses. No.

These moments are the ones that really count.

Vera's mother's day

These are the ones that make it all worth it.

  1. With every holiday, you will have to eventually meet up with the rest of the family. So, during those first few hours alone, I want you to quietly and without interruption spend as much time as you can with your new baby. Mother-baby bonding at its best!
  2. “During this time, I want to thank you, baby, for loving me and for choosing me.” Thank him or her for all the wonderful moments to come. Give thanks for all the warm hugs and the intimate snuggles. Because as much as you give to your child, we both know that they give so much to us right back in return.
  3. When your baby’s father, your partner, friend or family member enters the room and takes the child for some bonding time, I want you to soak that all in as well. Cherish the fact that your peanut has so many people to love and to be loved by.
  4. Eventually, when you make your way to the extended family’s house, be thankful that you have family and friends to help care for your child.
  5. Pay close attention to when your own parent takes hold of your firstborn. Imagine what they must feel like, holding onto their grandchild on this special day!
  6. When I was newly married, my in-laws would always take the family to this diner for Mother’s Day. They would give roses to all the mothers and I would never receive one because I didn’t have children. The first year I received a rose felt like receiving an Oscar! Accept small trinkets from church, from restaurants or from wherever you go with pride!
  7. Enjoy every “happy Mother’s Day” you hear as you stroll through the streets. There will be plenty!
  8. And last but not least, enjoy every smile, laugh, burp, gurgle and coo that comes from your angel because being a mom really starts here, after all.

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