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Get outdoors and make your own nature mobile

As you spend time outdoors this summer, have your kids gather up little trinkets and treasures that they find in nature. Head back home and transform your collection into a beautiful nature mobile that can be hung indoors or out.

Nature mobile supplies


  • Wooden embroidery hoop
  • Nature objects
  • Embroidery floss or string
  • Thread
  • Scissors


1. Separate the hoop

Nature mobile step 1

Remove the center circle from the embroidery hoop. This is the portion you will be using to make the nature mobile.

2. Cut the string

Nature mobile step 2

Cut 4 equal lengths from the embroidery floss or string and tie them equally spaced on the wooden circle.

3. Make a loop

Nature mobile step 3

Make a loop to hang the mobile by gathering all of the strings toward the center of the circle and tying a knot.

4. Tie the thread

Nature mobile step 4

Tie thread around each of the nature objects. Heavier objects like rocks may need to be wrapped a few times with the thread.

5. Attach the objects

Nature mobile step 5

Attach the nature object to the wooden hoop by tying a knot with the thread. Use scissors to cut away any excess thread.

6. Balance it out

Nature mobile step 6

Slide the hanging nature objects around on the hoop until it is as balanced as you can get it. Try to keep it balanced by hanging similarly weighted items across from each other on the hoop.

7. Hang it up

DIY Nature mobile

Once all of the objects are on the hoop, your nature mobile is ready to hang.

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