Huggies has a surprise for babies born on the same day as new royal baby

The word on the street is that the new royal baby could be making his or her appearance any minute. Sources say that Kate Middleton’s due date is today. If Prince George’s new brother or sister makes an entrance right on time today and your baby does too, you will be eligible for a freebie that any new parent would kill for.

To celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second bundle of joy, Huggies will give away diapers to babies born in the U.S. on the same day. Not only will Huggies give babies with the royal due date “a royal welcome,” but the company will donate thousands of diapers to the nonprofit National Diaper Bank Network to provide free diapers for families in need.

Huggies will donate 66,000 diapers to the diaper bank to supply a day’s worth of diapers for the approximately 11,000 babies born in our country each day. Huggies has donated over 133 million diapers since 2010 as a founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank Network.

Huggies’ brand director Aric Melzl says, “All those moms who have babies on that day can have a little bit of a royal welcome since their baby is going to share the same birth date as the future royal heir… It’s also an opportunity to continue to drive the message around the fact that there are families out there that do struggle with having enough clean, dry diapers to keep their babies healthy.”

So, let’s recap. If the new royal baby is born today (or within the next few days because we all know due dates are bogus), and your baby shares the same birthday, you’re in luck. First, you’ll have bragging rights that your baby is technically a royal baby. And once you provide proof of your child’s birth date, you’ll also have a free package of 35 Huggies size 1 diapers (retail value $11). Eligible parents can email with proof of their new baby’s birth date to claim the prize.

For Huggies, this is a great way to reach out to new parents and celebrate the new royal baby’s birth. But even more importantly, Huggies is focused on the greater cause here — supplying families who can’t afford diapers. To increase diaper bank donations, Huggies will add a one-day supply of diapers, or the equivalent of six diapers, whenever #RoyalHug is used on Twitter from April 16 until the new royal baby’s birth.

Not being able to afford diapers is something we don’t often talk about because it’s an uncomfortable subject. But Huggies is bringing this issue to the forefront in their new royal baby promotion, and for that, I am grateful. No family deserves to worry about providing the basic necessities for their kids. After learning that some women in poverty are forced to reuse diapers, it’s clear that these diaper bank donations are invaluable.

So get to tweeting! Every tweet counts, and a quick shout-out to Huggies on Twitter could give a family in need diapers for a day.

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