10 Incredible Forts to Build ‘for Your Kids’ (*Wink, Wink*)

There are two words in the English language that bring equal and immeasurable joy to adults and children alike. Two words that are guaranteed to elicit both sweet smiles and evil, plotting-to-take-over-the-world laughter. Two words that mean you probably won’t be sleeping in your bedroom for the next couple of days. Those words are: pillow forts.

But don’t just stop at pillow forts. You can build blanket forts, cardboard forts, a simple fort with just a sheet and a clothesline or a complicated one with secret entrances and defense towers. We’ve rounded up 10 of the most fun forts, fortresses, castles, teepees and tents so you can wow your kiddos — and yourself — by creating a magical space you’ll all want to live in forever. Or at least until the next time somebody tries to change their bedsheets and realizes the contents of the linen closet are, um, otherwise engaged.

So get ready to show off your architectural skills and relive your own days of youth by building one of these incredible and cozy hideaways. Pizza party in a fort, anyone?

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Incredible Forts to Build: String of lights
Image: Ten Thousand Villages

Add a string of lights to brighten up your fort — and make it less like the dark pillow caves you may have grown up building. Proximity to the kitchen makes your fort the perfect spot for a picnic. Or, just use it to binge-watch your latest family obsession — or just watch Moana for the 5,793,283th time. Whichever.

Incredible Forts to Build: Hula Hoop fort
Image: Be Sweet Blog

This super-simple Hula-Hoop fort can be made with a Hula-Hoop and a sheet for that canopy effect that says, “Oh, you fancy.” A very classy update to the blanket fort of old.

Incredible Forts to Build: Cozy Hideaway
Image: We Dream of Ice Cream

No chairs/Hula-Hoops/defensive towers/secret doors? No problem. A piece of clothesline and a sheet are all you need for this cozy hideaway. Add side-by-side mattresses for the perfect sleepover locale.

Incredible Forts to Build: Outdoor pillow fort
Image: Kaufmann Mercantile

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Who says you have to stay indoors? Bring that mountain of pillows and blankets outside, string a clothesline between a few trees and voila! Stargazing in style. Infinitely more comfortable than backyard camping in a plastic tent. Just be sure to check the weather first.

Incredible Forts to Build: Teepees
Image: Kara’s Party Ideas

Teepees are a gorgeous alternative to some of the more claustrophobic forts; they offer that cozy sanctuary while still being open and inviting. Plus, there’s no fear of the entire pillow fort collapsing on your head when you stand up. Some greenery and a beautiful lamp make this the perfect reading nook.

Incredible Forts to Build: Slotted cardboard house setup
Image: Project Little Smith
Incredible Forts to Build: Slotted cardboard house design
Image: Project Little Smith

This slotted cardboard house from Project Little Smith can be taken apart, rebuilt and taken apart again as often as you want. The pieces can be stacked flat for easy storage and can easily be painted, drawn on, or customized to your kids’ own unique tastes. Use a thicker cardboard for a sturdier house and follow the step-by-step instructions for easy-peasy assembly.

Incredible Forts to Build: Room sized teepee
Image: Architecture Art Design

Is the aforementioned teepee just a little too tiny for you? Look no further: This teepee can fill the entire room if you want it to and can be fully enclosed or exposed depending on how you arrange your blankets. Spread out, put a table in there, add a coffee machine, whatever you want. Looks like a good place for your next board meeti— I mean, looks like a great place for your kids’ clubhouse.

Incredible Forts to Build: DIY toddler house bed frame
Image: The Hannah Blog

If you want to get really serious about this whole fort thing, bust out the power tools. These amazing step-by-step instructions for how to build a toddler house bed frame are shockingly doable, and bonus: This might actually make your kids want to go to bed. Who wouldn’t want their own fort that never has to be taken down?

Incredible Forts to Build: Collapsible A-frame tent
Image: We Lived Happily Ever After

If you want something a little less permanent (aka something you can easily move to vacuum under) here’s a collapsible A-frame tent DIY that is effortless and adorable from the folks at We Lived Happily Ever After. Let your kids pick a fabric to match their personality. And when they’re done playing, it folds flat for trouble-free storage.

Incredible Forts to Build: An impressive castle
Image: Brandon Tran

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Lastly, for those particularly crafty fort builders, this one is a doozy. Impossible, you say? Nope! Brandon Tran built this impressive castle for his kiddos and provides step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) of the build. All that’s missing is a drawbridge. And maybe a moat.