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Kids have epic meltdowns, we can’t help but find it entertaining (VIDEO)

We’re sure a handful of these meltdowns can be attributed to the ridiculous poses some of these children have been forced into. We’re actually quite surprised they’re just crying and not attacking the photographer.


Um, that sea creature looks freaking scary. We can’t even look directly at it, so that kid’s reaction seems totally normal. What’s not normal, however, is the thought process that child’s parents had when they decided it would be a swell idea to send their child anywhere near that “thing.” Get it together, Mom and Dad!

Our absolute favorite, though, is the girl who just can’t even. She’s actually really inspired us to get more creative with our posing for photos (read: We’re totally going to start lying face down on the floor the next time we’re not really feeling our look but we’re being forced into being photographed). If anyone knows that girl, please put us in touch because we totally want to be friends with her.

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