13 Pinnable ice pop recipes for discriminating kids

Is there anything better than a fruity, tangy and icy snack on a hot day? We say not, and these 13 pinnable ice pop recipes prove it.

Keep your freezer stocked with these yummy treats so you can keep your kids — and yourself — chilled and satisfied all summer long.

1. Creamy watermelon pops

watermelon pop

We’re not going to call these creamy watermelon pops healthy. We will, however, call them perfectly delicious.

2. Sugar-free red berry

sugar free

These sugar-free ice pops are chock-full of berries for a sweet treat you can feel proud to serve.

3. Easy-peasy fruit and yogurt


Yogurt, fresh fruit and agave nectar gives these creamy and protein-packed ice pops a healthy flair.

4. Frozen rainbow smoothies

rainbow pop

Unlike most rainbow ice pops, this homemade treat is a veritable melting ground of healthy fruits and proteins.

5. Frozen quinoa breakfast smoothies


Who says ice pops are only good in the afternoon? Whip up a batch of these smoothie-inspired treats for a healthy breakfast.

6. Personalized pops

personalized pops

These cute pops prove that good things sometimes come in small packages. Write an encouraging note on the stick for a quick pick-me-up!

7. Frozen Arnold Palmers

arnold palmers

The melding of sweet tea and lemonade is a summer classic. Hand this refined ice pop to older kids and teens to leave them refreshed.

8. Tropical smoothie pops

smoothie pop

Any pop that tastes like a tropical vacation is a winner in our book.

9. Pink lemonade pops

pink lemonade

You will not find an easier ice pop recipe out there, but your kids will be none the wiser. Just pour pink lemonade into your pop molds, and you’re good to go!

10. Virgin piña colada pops

pina coladas

Pineapples and coconut milk lend these pops a creamy and tangy vibe that’s perfect for a summer night. Just omit the rum for a kid-friendly version.

11. Frozen fruit nectar cubes


If hydration is your goal, plunk a handful of these frozen nectar cubes into a glass of water for a colorful and flavorful blast.

12. Blueberry-yogurt popsicles

blueberry yogurt

These yogurt pops will satisfy any kid — and don’t they look perfect for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July?

13. Frozen bananas

frozen banana

Blender giving you fits? Just drizzle a banana with chocolate and nuts before freezing for an ice pop knockoff.

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