Jill Duggar got a pedicure after her water broke: Is she crazy?

Jill Duggar revealed what she and her husband did after her water broke, and it’s perfectly OK.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard recently became first-time parents after a long labor and emergency C-section. In a recent interview, the couple shared what they did after the first sign of her labor (rupture of the amniotic sac, aka water breaking) took place. While going to a chiropractor, getting a pedicure and taking a miles-long walk might not be what many of us do after our water breaks, there really isn’t anything wrong with her doing so.

I’m not a huge fan of the Duggar family, that not-so-wacky clan with a ton of kids who routinely campaign against equal rights and being decent human beings. But I cannot find fault with the actions of Jill, who wound up birthing a huge baby via C-section about a week and a half after her due date.

The couple had planned on a home birth, after all, so there was no need for them to rush to a birthing center or a hospital just because her bag of water popped. They had a birth plan in place and had decided ahead of time what they would do when her labor began. At the time they ran their errands, her contractions hadn’t even started, and she even managed to nap before they headed out in the first place.

Definitely go over this possible situation with your care provider, but keep in mind that when your water breaks, it’s most often not an emergency. Contractions might start right away, or they might not. Generally, your baby is not going to slide out unimpeded as a huge surprise — it usually takes a lot of work. So while going for a “couples pedicure” might sound a little weird, there generally shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.

Of course, not every water-breaking scenario is a non-emergent one. According to WebMD, if the fluid has the appearance of the following, you’ll want to be evaluated as soon as you can get to a medical center:

  • Dark, greenish: This may indicate the presence of meconium, which can mean the baby is under stress.
  • A foul smell: This can indicate a uterine infection.
  • Bloody: Small amounts of blood is normal, but if there is blood throughout the fluid, it may signal a problem with your placenta.

You’ll also want to notify your care provider right away if you’re less than 37 weeks pregnant or if you have previously tested GBS+.

The bottom line? As long as you avoid putting anything in your vagina (such as having sex, putting in tampons and possibly even avoiding a tub bath), your care provider will probably tell you that you can take your time, relax and, yes, even get pampered.

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