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Pitch Perfect baby names

The Bellas are back and ready to take on the world. Warm up your voices and join us as we run through our favorite characters and assess their baby name potential.

Pitch Perfect baby names

Pitch Perfect 2 is finally here! If you’re anything like us, you’ve been refreshing the internet for months hoping for another peek at what is to come. Though the cast has remained mostly tight-lipped, star and first-time director Elizabeth Banks shared a taste of what the ladies are up to. “They’re coming to the end of their time as Bellas,” the Hunger Games actress revealed in an interview with Yahoo Movies. “Figuring out how to sort of leave the nest and the comfort of each other’s friendship and figure out what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives.” Before they go, let’s take one last look at our favorite songstresses (and their rivals) for what really counts — their names.

Baby girl names inspired by The Barden Bellas

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the rest of the Bellas reprise their roles in the sequel, with fresh-faced Hailee Steinfeld joining the ranks. We rounded up the best names of all the Bellas, past, present and future, and these ladies deliver on the strong baby girl names. How do the name meanings stack up against the personalities of your favorite characters?

  • Amy: beloved
  • Ashley: lives in the ash tree grove
  • Aubrey: rules with elf-wisdom
  • Beca: form of Rebecca, meaning captivating or knotted cord
  • Chloe: green herb
  • Cynthia: of Cynthus, one of the names of the mythological moon goddess Artemis
  • Denise: for Dionysus, the Greek god of wine
  • Elise: oath of God; God is satisfaction
  • Emily: hard working
  • Jessica: rich; God beholds
  • Kori: ravine
  • Lilly: innocence; purity and beauty
  • Mary: wished-for child; rebellion
  • Patricia: noble
  • Rose: flower
  • Stacie: shall be reborn

Baby boy names inspired by the Treblemakers and beyond

If you’re expecting a boy, we tucked a few Bella surnames into this list for the diehard fans. Otherwise, check out what the competition has to offer — lots of biblical baby names, for starters.

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