Dashing baby names from George Clooney movies

May 22, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

With Disney's Tomorrowland hitting theaters, we have George Clooney on the brain big time.

Because it's what inevitably happens when someone gets married, people have been hounding George Clooney on the topic of kids ever since he tied the knot with lawyer-activist-general badass Amal Alamuddin last year. Whether they will or won't remains to be seen, but you have a baby to name right now!

Do you think when actors have kids, they cross out the names of all the characters they have ever played right off the bat? Maybe that's why celebrity kids have such bizarre names. Perhaps one of these names from the Clooney canon will strike your fancy, even if George and Amal can't ever use them.

Baby boy names inspired by George Clooney roles

Clooney has played them all: good guys, bad guys, guys who stare at goats. No matter what role you expect your future son to have, chances are that a Clooney character baby name will suit him. And I bet he will make a way better Batman.

Baby girl names inspired by Clooney's co-stars

OK, I know. Your baby girl is no damsel in distress playing a bit part in some dude's life. She will, no doubt, be the star of her own story. That being said, Clooney's lady co-stars kick a lot of ass — including his — with some frequency. Clooney-inspired baby girl names fit almost any naming style, from frilly, romantic monikers to boy names and everything in between.

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