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Here they are: The. Worst. Baby names. Ever.

Ask and you shall receive… Reddit asked users to reveal the worst baby names they’ve ever heard. Within two days, the thread had more than 18,000 comments! How real or fake they are doesn’t really matter — the sheer creativity (stupidity?) behind these crazy monikers is totally worth sharing.

Orgasm: As the daughter of a labor and delivery nurse, RhymesW has heard an abundance of terrible baby names. And this one earns the title of “Worst.”


Kaizyle: Nope, it’s not pronounced KAY-zile. According to WombatBeans, this name rhymes with Paisley, so KAYS-lee. Nice.

Hellzel: According to Reddit user oh_sneezeus, the “mother liked Hazel but her dad was a biker and loved hells angels, so they came up with this mess.”


Thermopylae: This is the name of a teller where Reddit user Geaux does banking.

Ermengarde: In the parents’ defense, this is an antique name. Reddit user Souncivilized says, “The parents were hippies, but still wanted to include the mother’s grandmother’s name.”


Dikshit: Reddit user D00bage says that Dikshit is actually a very common Hindi name.

Pud: When m_bishop asked the mother of a 12-year-old neighbor how her son got the name Pud, she said, “That’s not his real name, but he was always pullin his pud as a baby, so it just stuck. I don’t even tell people his real name anymore.”


I’munique: Floridian tootzWFB keeps a list of the unusual names she comes across. This one is her favorite, by far. Maybe she’s the distant cousin of So’unique (submitted by Reddit user vaultdweller) or Obamaniqua (submitted by ThatBass). Put ’em all together, and you’ve got The Backyardigans!

Rage: Reddit user -notJenn had the last laugh after meeting her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s son, Rage.


Jammy: This poor kid’s parents thought they were naming their baby “Jamie,” according to Reddit user Viennese_Waltz. Ouch.

Britney Shakira Beyonce:  “And they would call her by the full name every time,” says Reddit user Ralome.


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