These moms are more like their mothers than they thoughtt

You may have said that once you had kids, you’d be nothing like your own mother. But those plans don’t always work out. These moms share the ways they’re like their own mothers.

Do you remember the first time one of your mom’s sayings flew past your lips? Or did someone take a photo of you demonstrating “the look” that she mastered long ago? Here, a few moms talk about how they are more like their own moms than they bargained for when they became parents.

Carrie, mom of three, tells me that the older she gets, the more she realizes that she’s becoming her mom. “Since I was her third and last child, and my sisters and I were years apart, I spent more one-on-one time with my mom than they did, so I watched and copied everything.” She says that they like similar things, they cook the same, they clean the same and they have similar routines. She also finds herself doing a lot of the same things with her kids that she and her mom did when she was really young.

Heather also has three kids and admits that she may have picked up some of her mom’s bad habits. “I have this hard-to-control urge to buy my kids everything they want (or I think is cute) whether they need it or not,” she explains. “I know my mom struggled with this. As an only child, that left me with receiving everything I could have wanted. Luckily for me having multiple children makes this spoiling thing a little more difficult.”

Other moms mention that they have a knack for giving their kids the stink-eye… just like their moms did.

Shelly was raised by her dad but has definitely picked up some of his quirks. “I have the same scary stone-faced stare when I’m pissed,” she mentions. Tara, mom of one, says that she has inherited her mom’s “mom glare.”

Vicki shares that she’s picked up all kinds of mom things from her mother. “Oh my God, I say things all the time that my mother used to say,” she says. “I’ve completely adapted her parenting style, and even our voices are the same. It’s creepy.”

Some moms, however, used their mother’s influences to become a different type of parent. “There are certain things we have in common,” says a mom who is expecting her second baby. “We both shut down when overwhelmed. We both don’t wear any makeup ever. We both dress for comfort, not fashion. We both have really bad social anxiety. I like to fashion my parenting more on my dad’s habits, though.”

The way we are raised often carves a path for us that we often follow because it’s what we know. It can make parenting oddly familiar, challenging or even fun. As Ashley, mom of four, says about her mom, “We are both always right about everything! Only she’s normally wrong, but I’m actually always right!”

How are you like your own mother? How are you different?

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