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Crafty moms create quirky creations for their kidst

Crafty moms enjoy putting together some incredible wearables, decorations and toys for their kids.?

Crafting, no matter how you do it, is an amazing, fulfilling hobby. When you have kids, it can be even more fun as you can create awesome clothes, toys and even birthday party favors for them. Check out these amazing creations from some of my awesome mom friends who have made some amazing things for their own kids and get inspired to pick up a needle or paintbrush and start working away — even if you don’t have any experience, it really is never too late to learn.


Cheryl's crochet

Image: Cheryl Burns

“I crochet (and knit a little). I do it because it relaxes me and I love seeing the finished project. I’m just starting to try to get a business going. My Grammy taught me how to crochet when I was a kid, but it was almost 20 years later when I really started getting into it. I really love giving handmade gifts.”


Vicki sweaters

Image: Vicki Reid

“I knit them things when they ask me to. I let them browse patterns with me and they always choose their own yarn. I learned to knit to make longies. I’ve been knitting three years now and haven’t made a single pair! I learned watching YouTube videos and then took a workshop at my local yarn store to get some one-on-one time with an experienced knitter, since I didn’t really know anyone else who did at the time.”


“I make plush things. Lots of sea creatures, but tons of other stuff and customs. I make them for Bel, and for other kids all over the world. Sometimes they send me pictures they’ve drawn as a thank-you, which makes me super happy. I like doing custom work for kids because it’s a challenge to make their ideas a reality for them.”


Kayla's creations

Image: Hurley Wetzel

“I sew because I don’t usually like the fabrics in ready-to-buy things in stores. I love seeing the excitement when I finish a project and Turtle doesn’t want to wear anything else for days. I started sewing just to make diapers because we were too broke to buy good cloth diapers. Then it branched into clothes, then toys, then blankets and bags. Now I frequently walk through stores and think, ‘I can make that… probably cooler fabric too.'”


Lisa's handmade party favor

Image: Lisa Black

“I grew up with very creative parents. Some of my earliest memories are sitting on the floor of my father’s cabinet and furniture factory using a little coping saw to cut scraps of wood. My mother has always been very clever at repurposing just about anything into something completely different. As a family, we still work on projects together even now, so I look at arts and crafts as a way that I get to continue to connect with my son. I love seeing his enthusiasm when he creates something or his excitement when I make something for him.”


Traci's blanket

Image: Traci’s Knots of Love

“I make fleece tie blankets and flannel receiving blankets. I started making them around eight years ago after I had Aiden. Then I started giving my blankets as gifts because everyone would comment on how much they liked them. Friends would ask me to make things for them and then finally convinced me to sell my stuff on Etsy. I have an Etsy store and a business Facebook page now. I recently started doing shows and conventions. I do a lot of charity work — whether it is making a blanket for a sick or needy child or putting together a basket for a raffle. It makes me happy to see how happy it makes them. I have definitely met some amazing souls through my blankets.”


Jenni's Minecraft quilt

Image: Jenni Nordaby

“I made this Minecraft Creeper quilt from scratch. Made my own pattern and everything. I learned how to sew in college. I was a theatrical stage management major, and we all had to take X number of hours in the costume shop. I learned how to use a sewing machine and read/make patterns. I don’t do much sewing anymore, but the knowledge I got back then comes in handy now when Richard wants something that either doesn’t exist, or is way above my price range.”


Tiffany's belly cast

Image: Tiffany-Amber White

“I make belly casts for expecting moms. My first one was my own when I was pregnant with Pinxit. This is one of my samples I use for trade shows.”

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