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Check out this awesome punishment for a terrible grade in math

Math was never one of my strongest subjects, and I believe that it’s very important to understand the fundamentals of math. A parent with a daughter who was getting a D- in math had a fun solution to the problem they posted to Reddit. Teachers thought it was awesome. The internet? Not so much.

Reddit user “AFistfullofcookies” posted: My daughter is currently pulling a D- in math. This is her phone.

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A lot of teachers reading the thread agreed with the parent who posted by leaving comments like:


As a mathematics teacher I love you!!!!

As a teacher… THANK YOU GOD!! Can I hug you? We need more parents like you.

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Some other random internet users? Not so much.

Or you could, you know, try to help her with her problem and not exacerbate the problem.

Ah yes negative reinforcement, always proven to work… or wait maybe she’ll just hate you for it.

This is not good parenting. This is you being a dick to your daughter. Give her the phone back. Probably her only calculator, genius.

That kid’s screwed if she ever gets lost, kidnapped, etc. No way to call 911.

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If you are going to punish your kid and try to make them focus more on studying than cell phone usage, I think this is a pretty cute way to go about it. I’m also going to assume that a parent who cares enough to do this probably has no issues helping their kid with their math homework. I am gonna call it good parenting. Besides, maybe it will give their kid an incentive to bring their grade up.

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