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10 Amazing videos of babies doing sign language

It’s one thing to read about baby sign language — it’s another to see babies do it. These babies have mastered a sign or two, and they don’t hesitate to demonstrate.

Parents turn to sign language to help give their children a way to communicate before they can talk. It’s easier than you might expect and yes, it does work — I found out about signing with babies when my second child was an infant, and he and his two younger sisters knew over 100 signs before they started talking. It’s really fun to get that valuable insight into your children’s minds before those first words come across their lips.

I have a few videos of my own that I’ve included here, but there are no shortage of really sweet and inspiring baby sign language videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites. Here are some of my favorites.

This adorable tot loves showing her parents that she can sign all done, more, please and milk.
This adorable little girl, who is 15 months old, shows how she signs a slew of different things.

This is my youngest daughter, Willow, who was able to sign pear right after she learned it.

This little guy is super cute as he shows off tons of signs.

Willow again shows her love of fruit by signing that she wants more apples.

I love how this baby responds when his mom acknowledges that he’s signing milk.
When Mom asks this sweetie to sign cookie, he signs eat instead — but quickly follows with signs for daddy, cookie, motorcycle, sleep, mom and drink.

This sweetheart is only too glad to show off the signs she knows, such as hat, cereal and bath.

This little boy wants some milk!

Little Desiree shows off her first signs for her mom in this cute video.

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