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Mom arrested for horrendous crime is defended by her mother

A 7-year-old girl is in serious condition after her mother was arrested for throwing flammable liquid on her and lighting her on fire.

The police were called to the Sacramento, California, home of 27-year-old Porche Wright after her friend discovered the injured girl. When the officers arrived, they transported her little girl to the hospital, where she was treated for severe burns, and Wright was placed under arrest.

The detectives and fire inspectors checked out the scene and the child’s grave injuries. A statement from the Sacramento Police Department states, “It is believed that the child’s injuries are consistent with a flammable liquid that was placed on the victim and set on fire.”

While the girl was severely injured, she is expected to survive. Unfortunately while the exact nature of her injuries hasn’t been reported yet, witnesses did say that the skin of her face was peeling off. Neighbors also report that Wright often yelled at her child and didn’t seem to be a very good mom.

Despite the horrific circumstances of Wright’s alleged crime, her mother has come to her defense, according to CBS Sacramento. She said that her daughter has been very depressed lately but didn’t seem like the type to set her kid on fire. She was also quoted as saying that Wright was a good mom and that she has taken care of her little girl the best she can.

Somehow I doubt that is true. Yes, we all have our own struggles as we parent our kids, but even the most stressed-out, depressed mother doesn’t usually set her child on fire. My heart breaks for this poor kid and what she’s had to endure at the hands of her mother, and what she will continue to endure as she recovers from her injuries.

Wright is being held without bail on charges of attempted murder and felony child abuse.

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