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Kids get surprise trip to Disney World, we try not to be jealous (VIDEO)

When we were given Disney-themed T-shirts as children, that was all we were given. After watching this video, we feel royally ripped off.


It’s hard to be certain which emotion we’re currently feeling more: sheer joy for these children, or extreme jealousy. That look the daughter shot her mom when she mentioned the shirts were “for now” is pretty much the same one we sported in our own parents’ directions after watching this video. Basically, we feel like they owe us an explanation as to why they never whisked us off to Disney World as a surprise when we were kids.

And although we are feeling a little salty about missing out, we can appreciate the best thing about this video: the contrast in the brother and the sister’s reactions. While the sister looks like she might have done well in the audience when Oprah’s talk show was still on the air, the brother seems pretty subdued about the whole thing. We imagine his “playing it cool” style might be a little harder to pull off when he’s donning some Mickey Mouse ears at the happiest place on earth.

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