10 Reasons why summer parenting rules

May 15, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. ET
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Around these here parts in the Midwest, the weather hits 50 degrees in March and we're all busting out our tank tops.

The reason?

We're all better, happier people in the warmer months. From a more relaxed state of mind to slower-paced lifestyle, summer equals happiness. And you had better believe that the happiness of summer spills over into our skills as parents. Point being?

Parenting in the summer is the best.

1. Pool time counts as bath time

Don't even try to contest me on this because I will fight you to the bitter end. Chlorine is a disinfectant, people.

2. Dining al fresco for the win

I have recently entered the parenting circle of hell known as "baby in a high chair." Translation? I spend a good 10 to 15 minutes cleaning up the floor after every meal. I swear it somehow reproduces on the tray and dive-bombs out of the high chair on a spaghetti suicide mission. But in the summer, I vote for eating as many meals as possible outside, bugs be damned, because the cleanup is just that much easier.

3. Local trips count as a vacation

In the summer, you really don't have to do a lot to feel like you're "on vacation." A good book, some sand toys and a picnic basket and your kids will think it's the best day ever.

4. Fans

Is there anything more refreshing than an afternoon nap in front of the fan? Aah...

5. Ice cream is always on the menu

During the winter, my kids' clamoring requests for ice cream usually go denied. There's no way I'm adding more freezing cold anything to our lives and there's especially no way I'm packing everyone up in winter coats to eat something with the word "ice" in its name. But during the summer, all that's necessary for me to be the word's greatest parent is to shout, "Who wants ice cream?" at any and all hours of the day.

6. Popsicles are like muzzles

I don't even care how many of those things my kids eat on a daily basis — popsicles are the best invention ever.

7. Getting out of the door is infinitely easier

Oh my gosh, after a long winter and four kids who can barely wipe their own noses, the ability to waltz out of the door with nary a hat, glove or coat in sight feels like a downright freaking luxury.

8. I don't have to feel guilty for locking my kids outside

Unlike during the winter and unlike my own mother, who apparently had no qualms about forcing us to spend hours freezing our digits off, it is perfectly acceptable for one to lock her offspring outside in the summer months. Heck, it could even be considered a form of good parenting. Teaching them to love nature, have an imagination and all those buzzwords.

9. Two words: the library

Am I the only one who loves the local library during the summer months? I eat up all those free, educational activities to keep my kids busy and I dare say I might even be more proud of their reading logs than they are.

10. Diapers are optional

Sorry, but mothers of potty-training toddlers everywhere will feel me on this one. Nature's call, indeed.

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