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The April Fools’ Day joke that’s going to ruin every parent’s day

This morning we got an alert about a federal government mandate that put us in such a state of panic we could barely floss our hair and comb our teeth.

Apparently the Canadian government is doing away with two-month-long summer vacations, which means that come 2017 school attendance will be all year long.

According to Federal Minister Leigh Keybum, officials “decided to follow New Zealand’s example and do away with the two-month-long break in July and August,” making sessions quarterly with just two-week breaks in between.

“We heard from teachers, parents and students and the overwhelming feedback was that two months off school put too much pressure on the modern family. Let’s face it, with both parents working and more single-parent households, families struggle to find care for their children for two whole months,” she went on to say.

As our minds started racing we remembered it was April 1 and realized that the pranksters at Parentdish had completely fooled us. But just for a minute, maybe three, four minutes tops.

What April Fool’s Day pranks did you fall for today?

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