April Fools' Day joke about stork parking brings out the best and the worst

Apr 1, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Image: Phil Augustavo/E+/Getty Images

In an April Fools' Day joke, a woman took to Facebook to post a bizarre rant against special parking spaces for pregnant moms and those who have small kids, and while most of the responses the joke received were very much against her mindset, there were a few people who thought she was totally right.

"I just had to walk an hour to get into Save-On Foods while some mom and her bratty kids roll up and park 2 steps from the door," the diatribe begins, as a woman known only as Katie delves into the reasons pregnant women and moms of small kids don't deserve up-front parking spaces.


In the post, she claims she's being punished because she made the responsible decision to not have children, and hey, wait — aren't pregnant women supposed to remain active throughout pregnancy? So those "12 extra steps" (that took Katie an hour to walk) should be easy enough to do. She calls moms and pregnant women entitled and lazy, and notes that people like her, who are child-free, are responsible and smart. Don't forget — she's getting a lawyer to work with her on banning these parking spots, and she may just park there anyway to be a dick.

It was a pretty brilliant April Fools' Day joke — it got tons and tons of responses and shares. While the majority of the comments Edmonton radio station SONiC 102.9 received in response to the photo and rant were positive, there were a few special individuals who actually agreed with her.

Stork parking comment

Stork parking comment

Stork parking comment

Stork parking comment

Image: The Official SONiC 102.9 Facebook page

These special parking spots are routinely seen at baby gear stores and other family shopping areas as well, and they are not enforceable like handicapped spots are (in fact, a quick search of Twitter popped up tons of tweets about men with no kids using them). Regardless, having some sort of beef with a company's attempt to make a pregnant woman's life a little bit easier just makes you come across as a soulless butthole.

Every pregnancy is different, and not every pregnant woman will have a desire or a need for a closer parking space. Same goes for parents who have babies and small kids. If you don't want to use one, fine, and if you do, that is also fine. The tiny handful of designated special parking spaces won't harm you one bit, and if it makes an outing easier on a woman in pain or a family with tiny kids, then that's a good thing.

I'm happy to see this was a clever joke that worked super well, and I'm glad most of the commenters thought this fake rant was complete garbage. Too bad not everyone did.

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