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C-section moms targeted by awful Facebook page

A Facebook page that is run by either world-class trolls or the worst human beings to walk the earth targets moms who had C-sections, saying they didn’t really give birth.

The Disciples of the New Dawn Facebook page seems to be in the business of angering everyone, using the bible and Christianity as the basis for its inane ramblings. While I cannot say for sure if these ridiculous notions are its true teachings or not, the fact is that its recent aim at moms who had C-sections is unbelievably atrocious.

“You didn’t really give birth,” it reads. “Please show respect to superior women who actually had what it took to get the job done.”

If this is a troll page, they are really doing it right — there are fewer sensitive topics they could have selected, as this strikes directly at the heart of every mom who has gone under the knife to give birth.

Of course, none of what the page says is true. But for a mom whose birth ended in near disaster, or a mom whose medical condition prevented a vaginal birth or a mom who had a C-section for any reason at all, this post hits right in the uterus.

It can be hard to deal with having a C-section in the first place, and to have some asinine Facebook page insinuate that not only was your birth not real but that women who have vaginal births are somehow better than you are is ridiculous and cruel. It also has the undesirable result of becoming fuel for those few people who actually do feel this way, which is disturbing.

Take heart, moms. No matter how your child entered this world and joined your family, your birth was real. C-sections are legit, vaginal births are as well, and you can safely ignore bullcrap Facebook pages like this one, because it is there only to make you angry (or perhaps make a murky and unclear point). This doesn’t reflect on your womanhood, your motherhood or any part of your life, because it’s complete garbage.

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