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Happy National Crayon Day, because crayons are a parent’s best friend

One of the first toys you will ever buy your kid is a box of crayons. Sure, almost every kid uses them to draw on a wall or a piece of furniture at some point, but crayons are basically the best toy ever.

I am such a fan of crayons. They are inexpensive, foster creativity and imagination and are easily replaceable if your kid loses them or, more often, wears out the lilac one to a tiny, little nub. Our friends at Crayola (who are experts at keeping my own kids amused and who have been part of my family since my babies were basically chewing on crayons) have made this awesome infographic with all sorts of fun facts about Crayola crayons:

Crayon infographic

Image: Crayola

I have so many happy memories of coloring with my own kids, and to this day I get excited about a new box of crayons. I think out of the 223 billion produced, I have purchased a few thousand of my own. To celebrate, I think I’ll get a new box and some white paper, let my kids tell me their stories through art and maybe create a drawing of my own. I think drawing with your kids creates some of the happiest memories, and you end up with some pretty cool refrigerator art to boot.

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