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Mom tracks down parent after her kids misbehave at a movie

If your kids misbehaved and bothered another family while you weren’t there, would you track down that other family to apologize? This mom did.

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After Kyesha Smith Wood found out her teens disrupted a movie and disturbed a mom and her child who were trying to enjoy themselves, she was understandably upset. She posted the following plea via Facebook, explaining what had taken place and how she hoped to connect with the other mom to make it right.

Her post was shared by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, where it quickly went viral — as of this writing, it has been shared over 200,000 times, and that’s what did the trick. She was soon connected with the other mom in her post, who was amazed and grateful that Wood had taken the time to track her down and rectify what had been a pretty negative situation.

The effort Wood took to contact this mother is commendable, and I also have to say her son was awesome too for sharing what had happened at the theater that day. It’s easy to become embarrassed when our kids get out of line, but it takes a strong parent to reach out and hold their kids accountable for their actions. And this is a testament to the power of social media — if this had happened when I was a teen in the late ’80s and early ’90s, a connection with the other family likely would never have been made unless the town was a small one where everyone knows everyone else.

Good job, Kyesha Smith Wood. I’m sure your girls learned a valuable lesson, and they will likely never do something so stupid again.

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