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Hot dad and baby in the bath video is a parenting double standard

Put a hot dad in a bath with a baby, and you have a viral video. Put a hot mom in a bath with a baby, and she’ll be slammed for spending time on her physical appearance that could have been better spent on her kids. This parenting double standard has got to stop.

We’ve seen this phenomenon before. Hot dads are praised for their ability to look smoking hot as they perform normal tasks that any parent could do. The most famous hot gay dads, Kordale and Kaleb Lewis who went viral after posting a picture doing their daughters’ hair for school, received mass attention for performing the basic act of caring for their kids because they were so damn good-looking.

In the most recent hot dad viral video, originally posted by an Australian radio show, we see an adorable dad bathing with his newborn daughter. In over a month, the video has close to 3.5 million views on Facebook and almost 15,000 shares.

The original comment from the radio show hosts on Facebook tells us exactly how this video is going to be received: “Baby takes first bath with Daddy and for once we ain’t looking at the baby.”

Yuk yuk yuk. The Facebook comments quickly take a creepy turn.

Wendy says, “I’d like to have a bath with ‘daddy.'”

Natalie says, “DILF!! [Dad I’d Like to F*ck]”

Kerry says, “Yes… I think I need a bath. I’m feeling dirty.”

Perhaps these racy comments are all in good fun, but take a moment to think how disturbing it would be to hear men leave comments like this on a video of a breastfeeding mother.

And here we have the parenting double standard: A woman who cares for her child is not a sexual being. She’s just doing her job. A man who cares for his child is hot, attractive and sexy to women everywhere because he’s stepping up and doing something out of the ordinary.

After co-parenting with my husband for three years, splitting all childcare tasks 50-50, I can firmly say that this misconception about dads needs to be laid to rest. A father giving his baby a bath is just as normal as a mother giving her baby a bath. Moms and dads are both parents equally capable of taking care of their kids.

To comment on this viral dad’s sexy physique is not only disrespectful, it does a disservice to dads everywhere. Loving dads need our support to normalize their role as hands-on parents. The next time you see an attractive father caring for his kid, stick to this rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say it to a hot mom, don’t say it to a hot dad.

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