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Mom’s Must-haves: Spring fun for the whole family

It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter. Here’s what is making springtime a celebration at my house.

Moms must haves

Mario Party 10: Because family game time is awesome

mario party 10

Even though the weather is finally warming up, we all know spring showers bring bored kids who can’t go outside and then track mud all over the house. Which is why I have been challenging everyone to a game of Mario Party 10 with these cute little amiboo guys who give my character all sorts of powers and add a whole lot of fun to battles. One of the funniest aspects of the game is that you can play as Bowser and basically win at everything. (, $49) 

Frozen Popsicles: Because the cold never bothered your kids anyway


The amazing Popsicle brand people sent me these to try, and not only are they yummy, but the colors are so pretty too! Seriously, the berry one is so pretty and just the iciest pale blue ever, and it’s so Elsa. These should be available in your grocer’s freezer in April, but they are limited edition. Another thing to get excited about? Unilever will be releasing 17 new flavors of ice cream and frozen treats this year!

Barbie has gone superhero!

superhero barbie

Barbie has a new movie out entitled Barbie in Princess Power, and you can buy toys so your daughter can play along. This adorable Barbie has a removable skirt, and you can also get her trusted Ken reporter doll to report on all the action. (, $11) 

Crayola sidewalk chalk

sidewalk chalk

Crayola has some amazing new offerings for spring and summer, including tie-dye sidewalk chalk, color core sidewalk chalk and glitter sidewalk chalk. When it’s time for inside fun, you have to check out the new Color Alive coloring pages that comes with a downloadable Color Alive app so that when your kids are done coloring, you can bring the pages to life and watch their art interact on their devices. I say kids, mind you, but I had just as much fun playing with these coloring pages as they did. Plus, they come in Skylanders editions and Barbie as well as enchanted forest and mythical creatures. (, chalk $5, Color Alive activity books $6)

Easter house and Big Hopper Collection

easter gingerbread

And because I have no time to bake gorgeous treats, I will probably just order this adorable Easter gingerbread house from Harry and David, because my kids had a Valentine’s one, and it looked adorable as a centerpiece until they devoured it.

harry and david big hopper

And I may also need this “for the kids,” and by “for the kids,” I mean me, because that bunny is adorable and also comes with the yummiest popcorn on Earth. (Harry and David, house $60, Big Hopper Bunny $45) 

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