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Child care centre staff are saints, and putting poo in a bag is just the half of it

Child care centre staff are saints, aren’t they? They spend more time with other people’s children then their own, they clean up all types of bodily fluids, they’re surrounded by excitable and attention-yearning children all day long and, yes, they even pack plastic bags of poo. All in a day’s work.

Writer, musician and comedian Em Rusciano has penned a column for News Ltd this week in response to one mum asking her for a bit of advice when it comes to navigating the child care centre landscape. What’s normal? What shouldn’t be tolerated? What about receiving a bag of poo home with your child? Where does that fall on the acceptability scale? Does it even register?

“Em — help me,” the mother wrote. “I am a young mum with kids at daycare. Today, I was greeted with a plastic bag with an entire poo wrapped in princess pink undies with ‘Ellie 16/03’ written on it.

“Yes my daughter is named Ellie but surely this isn’t her soiled undies packaged from three days prior after sitting in a communal ‘turd’ bucket for all that time! Can I please ask, what would have you have done?”

Rusciano, who is a mum of two, was pretty flabbergasted when she read the above comment. Poo? In a bag? No, thank you very much!

But, as it turns out, this is not all that uncommon, with loads of mums saying that they, too, have received the dreaded poo bag from their little one at the end of a day at child care.

Em says she’d storm into the headmaster’s office demanding that it never happen again. But come on, let’s face it, child care centre staff do a heck of a lot of work with children and cleaning poo from undies shouldn’t be added to the list. My only suggestion is that maybe the undies are chucked in the bin rather than sent home. But that’s just a thought.

Poo bags are just half of the story. Here is what else child care centre workers have to deal with.

They have to listen to children sing Frozen songs all day long:

Having someone sit on your head is just part of a normal day at the office:

And they have to deal with the naughty kids, whose parents don’t even know they’re naughty:

This is what it means to pack up after a long day at work:

Try explaining this painting to Mummy:

They don’t even think about wearing makeup to work:

They forget how to function around people their own age:

And bodily fluids are all part of the job:
Do you work in the child care industry? We want to hear all about your experiences. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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