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Forcing your daughter to get her ears pierced is child abuse (VIDEO)

I have no issues with parents deciding to pierce their child’s ears, as long as the child isn’t sobbing and screaming like the poor little girl in this video.

I could barely make it throughout this whole thing without my eyes filling up with tears. This beautiful little girl is being forced to have her ears pierced when she clearly does not want to, and subjected to her mother swearing at her, threatening to hit her and another man off camera saying things like “I thought you were supposed to be a big girl.” Warning, the following video contains objectionable language.
The little girl can be heard saying “it’s going to hurt,” to which her mother replies: “Me beating your ass with my fists will hurt worse.”

The mother physically restrains her daughter towards the end, which shows you how horrible this situation was. The video was uploaded to Facebook, to add insult to injury. It seems like the little girl is OK by the end of the video but that’s so not the point. She was terrified, sobbing and obviously scared to have this done, so at that point maybe her mom should have called it off. This is just infuriating. My heart breaks for this child.

It’s one thing to have your kid a bit concerned about wanting to have their ears pierced and to flinch while having it done, but it’s another story when they are screaming and crying and you have to threaten them with physical violence to have them go through with it. How would you have reacted if this was your child?

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