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5-Year-old girl creates makeup tutorial videos, internet goes nuts

A 5-year-old from Colombia has caused a controversy because she has made a couple of makeup tutorial videos, and people just cannot deal with it.

Little Danna Gomez loves makeup and makeup videos, and the Daily Mail reports that her aunt filmed her giving little tutorials of her own. While many think the videos are adorable, others are not so charmed. They speak about how kids should be kids, makeup videos are too adult and that this only serves to further sexualize children.

While I do agree that “kids these days” do seem to grow up faster than ever, I do not really see the problem with these videos. Little kids love to pretend to be adults. It’s part of growing up. Little kids love to pretend to play house, they love to “work” on cars, they pretend to breastfeed their baby dolls, they play school… And for many little ones, they love makeup.

Whether an adult allows a child to play with makeup is a huge question, of course, with some not allowing their kids to wear it until they are around 13 years old (or even older). However, I remember playing with makeup when I was a kid — my brother was my makeup “artist” and applied eyeshadow not only on my upper lids but below my eyes as well, and despite looking like a clown, I was in heaven. And I’ll never forget being a teen and getting so mad at my little cousin who had sneaked into my room and wrecked her face with my stash (sorry, Lindsay, for yelling at you!). Messing with makeup is part of growing up for many kids.

So why is wearing makeup too adult and too grown up for a 5-year-old? If you would video your child pretending to be pregnant and out pops a baby from under her shirt, why is this so much worse? Does wearing makeup cross some line that cannot be uncrossed?

I’m simply not seeing the huge deal with this controversy. I agree that kids should be kids, but that includes pretend play and having fun while doing it. And while some have concern that she is using “adult” language, it’s likely she herself watches makeup tutorial videos or discusses makeup techniques with her mother or her aunt. I think people would be better off worrying about their own families, real crime and social injustice — and being less concerned with this little girl playing with makeup.

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