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Why are all the moms wearing yoga pants?

I have thought about it before in passing, but it really struck me the other day while waiting amongst the crowd for preschool pick up: When did we all decide to wear yoga pants?

I own at least 10 pairs of yoga pants, not one but two yoga mats and, although it’s embarrassing to admit, I’ve never assumed one single yoga pose — much less taken a class. And I thought it was just me, until last week.

“I just bought a pair of yoga pants to fit in with the other moms,” this accomplished woman confessed after a few drinks at a neighbor’s party. “I’ve never taken a yoga class in my life,”she admitted.

No kidding? I thought I was the only one living the lie. Turns out all of us yoga-pants-wearing moms are part of a growing movement.

Athleisure is one of the hottest segments in the fashion industry today with brands like Lululemon and Athleta helping outfit everyday women to break from their home office to the yoga studio at a moment’s notice. In reality, we all are just trying to look like we’re working out regardless of whether we actually ever make it to the gym.

But yoga pants offer tired moms some straightforward benefits aside from letting us look like we’re fresh from the gym instead of Costco. After my own informal mom poll and a deep look into my own very black and stretchy wardrobe, here is why I think we’re all wearing yoga pants.

Yoga pants fit no matter how much you force those suckers to stretch

Yoga pants stretch

Image: Giphy

They are comfortable enough for napping on a baby’s schedule

Yoga pants nap

Image: Giphy

Yoga pants are perfect for playtime

Yoga playtime

Image: Giphy

And flattering on just about everyone

Toga pants man

Image: Giphy

As bonus, you’re ready to work out whenever the mood strikes

Yoga pants work out

Image: Giphy

For moms, everyday stuff can be a pretty good workout

Yoga pants mom cat and kitten

Image: Giphy

I also believe deep down that if I wear these pants I might look at little like this

Yoga pants

Image: Giphy

But we know you’ll think we’re cool no matter what we wear

Cool mom yoga pants

Image: Giphy

At least they’re better than mom jeans

Mom jeans yoga pants

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