8 Reasons why minivans rule

Apr 29, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. ET

When you have one child, she can fit just fine in your cute (or practical) two-door vehicle, but once you have another baby or two, you may be checking out how a minivan will fit your family — or your garage. The good news? Minivans can be pretty awesome.

1. So much space

So much space

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There is so much space inside a minivan. From storage space in the back to space between your kids, you will not know how you survived using a regular old car for so long once you start toting around your brood in a minivan.

2. Seats for all

Clown car

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Vans usually seat at least seven people — sometimes more — so not only can you fit your whole family, but maybe a friend or two, as well.

3. Sliding doors


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The reason sliding doors are so great is because your kid can't open them and dent someone else's car.

4. Sweet built-in features


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Depending on the model, you might get a minivan that comes complete with screens for DVD distraction, a built-in vacuum or one with a rear door that opens with a wave of the foot. So sci-fi, yet so real.

5. Smooth ride

Cat driving

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While a minivan will be bigger than your car, you will likely find that they're pretty easy to drive — and you'll be up high in the right spot for coffee drive-through, too.

6. Perfect for all your luggage


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I've had a minivan for years and years, and I can't imagine taking a road trip, going camping or taking a vacation in a smaller vehicle. You can pack minivans full and you won't even notice.

7. Easy on your back

Goats jumping on back

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No more bending over to snap a car seat into its base — the height of a minivan makes putting babies and toddlers into their car seats much more of a breeze than ever.

8. All the cup holders


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When you have kids, suddenly you realize how few cup holders you have when you have a smaller vehicle. Enter the minivan… even on my 10-year-old model, I have scads of cup holders. They come in very handy — believe me.

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