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Mad Men baby names

Mad Men has always had a reputation for style, from the costumes to the authentic set details, inspiring viewers to emulate them left and right. But do the names have enough swagger to make a 21st century comeback?

As far as authenticity goes, Mad Men — now in its final season on AMC — cannot be beat. Every outfit and prop, every theme and every line of dialogue comes straight from 1960s America. The show itself deals with the changing times, the end of the era of the housewife and pulling back the curtain and showing what a threat that can be. In keeping with the feel of the show, the writers chose appropriate names for every character, from the main ensemble to the bit characters who appeared just once or twice during the show’s seven-season run. Representing characters in a wide range of ages, these baby names take their inspiration from the first half of the 20th century — making them totally due for a comeback in this generation of babies.

30 Suave baby boy names from Mad Men

Don Draper isn’t exactly the best role model for today’s baby boys, but not all these men are total womanizers. We love the old-fashioned sound of these names old people baby names are one of the top baby naming trends of the last decade. Some of these baby boy monikers, like Henry, have already found a new place at the top of the charts, while others Freddy is adorable merit a top 100 spot.

30 Sassy baby girl names from Mad Men

It can be difficult to watch the sexism the women of Mad Men endure day in and day out, both at home and in the office. Fortunately, the show portrays the strength of women’s spirit and their fight to carve out a place for themselves in the world, independent of the men in their lives. Older names have a harder time competing with current, trendy baby girl names, but you will find plenty of these on hipster baby name lists across America. In a classroom filled with Emmas and Avas, Ida will stand out — but not in a bad way. Try out Sylvia, or its fantastic diminutive Sylvie, if you’re a fan of the top ten name Sophia.

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