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Pringles tubes of urine and other things you don’t want to find in your teen’s room

Teenagers have got to be the most enigmatic and indecipherable people on the planet, but mums are providing some insight into their ways by revealing what they’ve found in their rooms. And it’s not pretty.

Online parenting forum, Mumsnet, has put the spotlight on teenage boys, with one mum posting a thread about her own son and what she found in his bedroom.

Deciding to clean his room to distract herself from the fact that her own mum was unwell in hospital, the woman, who goes by the name myotherusernameisbetter, went on to describe each of the items she cleaned out of her son’s room.

“I know he is perfectly capable of doing his own room, but today [he] was away for the day and I was waiting on hospital visiting time as my mum is very unwell. I needed something to keep me occupied so I decided to do [my son’s] room as a treat,” she said.

What she found in the room included chip packets, empty juice bottles and a pile of orange peels, but it was the final item that really took her by surprise.

“A Pringle tube full of urine,” she said. “We are going to have to have a talk when he gets home!”

Other parents were quick to bark about how that simply wouldn’t be tolerated in their household, while other parents, probably with teenage boys of their own, sympathised and shared their own teen bedroom horror stories.

One mum said she was “a little surprised not to find a dead rat” while going through her own son’s room, which was filled with mouldy dishes.

Another mum, who said she’d enforced a no food in the bedrooms rule, had found a surprise hidden in her teenage daughter’s cupboard: “I found a bowl of rancid Cheerios in her wardrobe putting some clean clothes away… which with typical teen logic was my fault because if I didn’t have the stupid rule she wouldn’t have needed to hide them in there and so wouldn’t have forgotten about them.”

Many of the other parents had reported finding rotten fruit left in their rooms, but one mum said that wouldn’t be such a bad thing to come across, really.

“I’m impressed by all the fruit debris. I’d be delighted if my [kids] were munching fruit on the quiet.”

Do you have some horror stories of your own? What’s the most disturbing thing you’ve found in your teenager’s room?

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