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Pet names that work as baby names

We frequently give our pets “real people” names, but have you ever considered doing things the other way around? Check out our list of popular pet names that might be just right for your baby-to-be.

12 Pet names that are great for baby boys

  1. Baxter: Pet owners have loved this name for ages. It’s time parents of human children embrace it, too.
  2. Bentley:  Isn’t it a shame to use this cool name for four-legged but not two-legged boys?
  3. Boomer:  Bestow this name on your son, and he’ll be as fast as a professional football quarterback or Boomer the Dog.
  4. Buddy:  This name, one that reinforces the fact that a dog is a man’s best friend, also makes a fun baby name for a boy.
  5. Buster:  “Here, Buster! C’mon, boy!” Works for dogs and kids alike.
  6. Duke:  He’s the golden retriever that stars in those baked beans commercials, and he’s also the son of TV’s Bill and Giuliana Rancic.
  7. Lucky:  A beloved pet. A leprechaun. A 1920s gangster. A baby boy!
  8. Rocky:  Besides Stallone’s big-screen hero, most guys named Rocky have four legs and fur.
  9. Rusty:  This masculine moniker stands well all on it’s own, but it’s also a nickname for the more formal Russell.
  10. Teddy: This name is hugely popular for those furry goldendoodles, but it’s also a great nickname for Theodore.
  11. Tucker:  Hipster parents will have to decide whether to use this moniker for their favorite child or their favorite pet.
  12. Winston: We think the great Winston Churchill should inspire the names of not just pets but of boys, too.

Honorable mentions: Jake, Cooper, Murphy, Oliver, Oscar, Zeus, Gus, Samson, Milo, Rocco, Bruno and Beau

12 Pet names that are perfect for baby girls

  1. Bailey: For pets, Bailey is more popular for males than for females. The opposite holds true for humans: You’re more likely to run into a girl named Bailey than a boy with that name.
  2. Coco: Famous bearers include fashion designer Coco Chanel and Coco Arquette, daughter of David Arquette and Courteney Cox.
  3. Daisy:  This favorite pet name was good enough for Daisy Duke (and her famous cutoffs).
  4. Dixie:  Remember Dixie Carter from Designing Women?
  5. Ginger: The movie star on Gilligan’s Island popularized this name a few decades ago, but now it’s more often used for pretty kitties.
  6. Lily: This flower name has grown in popularity among pets as it has declined among humans. It’s time to reverse the trend.
  7. Lola:  This antique gem nearly fell off the charts in the 1970s and ’80s, but it’s making a strong comeback for pet and baby girls alike.
  8. Penny: Penny was definitely a Hairspray-era name and it is not at all popular today (unless you’re a dog). But we like it — on its own or as a nickname for Penelope.
  9. Pepper: It’s definitely unique!
  10. Roxy: Works for female pets and Broadway show characters. Spell it Roxy or Roxie.
  11. Sadie: Almost everyone knows someone with a dog named Sadie. The name was also popular for little girls in the early to mid-1900s and is returning to favor among new parents.
  12. Sasha: Parents of the late 1980s and early ’90s loved this name for their daughters, but it’s now far more popular for pups.

Honorable mentions: Rosie, Ruby, Lady, Missy, Casey, Lulu, Brandy, Jasmine, Shelby, Sandy, Luna and Honey

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