Baby names from Orphan Black

Apr 17, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. ET
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If you haven't jumped on the Orphan Black bandwagon, then you don't know what you're missing. The popular sci-fi TV series (and No. 1 best-selling comic book) tackles everything from the foster system to human clones. Let us bring you up to speed with this inspired list of Orphan Black baby names.

Sarah Manning, portrayed by Tatiana Maslany: The series focuses on Sarah, an orphan, con woman and mother to Kira.

Kira: Sarah's daughter is the only biological daughter of the clones, as all of the other clones were sterilized before Sarah was discovered. Kira is often cared for by Siobhan "Mrs. S." Sadler, the Irish foster mother of Sarah and her foster brother.

Felix Dawkins, a.k.a., Fee. As Sarah's main confidant, Fee is loyal to Sarah but also cares for Alison, all while moonlighting as a prostitute.

The other clones (also portrayed by Maslany) include soccer mom Alison, bisexual grad student Cosima, scientist and executive Rachel, trained assassin Helena (who is also the "twin" sister of Sarah) and transgender clone Tony.

The series begins with the suicide of yet another clone: Elizabeth "Beth" Childs. When Sarah witnesses Beth commit suicide (and before Sarah realizes she is a clone), she assumes Beth's identity. Unfortunately for Sarah, Beth, a cop, was involved in a terrifying conspiracy that put her life in serious danger.

Ex-military mercenary Paul Dierden was Beth's monitor and boyfriend (two jobs he was blackmailed into). He uncovers Sarah's impersonation and opts to continue the ruse. He is soon forced to become Rachel's monitor and becomes her lover as well.

Detective Art Bell is Beth's police partner. It takes him awhile to figure out that Beth is actually Sarah, and his newfound knowledge leads him to side with the clones over the police department.

Meanwhile, Sarah's abusive ex-boyfriend, Victor Schmidt, is devastated when he mistakes Beth's corpse for Sarah and furious when he runs into Alison and believes that she is Sarah. He turns police informant and befriends Alison to keep tabs on her.

Dr. Delphine Cormier is Cosima's co-worker and lover. She becomes confused about the identity of the clones and unintentionally kidnaps Kira for Rachel.

Orphan Black's recurring characters serve up a phenomenal set of baby names, too:

  • Mark Rollins, a homicidal Prolethean
  • Angie Deangelis, Detective Art's partner
  • Donnie Hendrix, Alison's husband
  • Scott Smith, friend and ally of Cosima
  • Aldous Leekie, doctor at the Institute
  • Daniel Rosen, a lawyer at the Institute
  • Cal Morrison, Kira's father

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