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Heavy-metal baby names for your little head-banger

Rock on, parents-to-be! Only the truest fans will appreciate this very specific list of the best baby names inspired by heavy-metal bands, performers, albums and songs. Did your favorite make the cut?

The late 1960s and early 1970s gave us the first heavy metal bands, including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. The headbanger bands — Motörhead and Iron Maiden — arrived in the late ’70s. Over the next decade, it was all about the hair, with glam metalheads like Poison and Twisted Sister. The metal genre boasts a number of sub-genres, including funk metal, groove metal, death metal and grunge, among others. We’ve gathered the best of the best to give you a metal-inspired list of potential baby names for your rocker.

13 Baby names inspired by heavy metal bands

  • Alexandria, in honor of Britain’s metalcore band Asking Alexandria
  • Alice, not sure who inspired the name of grunge metal’s Alice in Chains
  • Angel, a gender-neutral name that pays tribute to death metal’s Morbid Angel
  • Anthrax, the thrash metal band… not the vaccine
  • Dio, Ronnie James Dio’s follow-up band to Black Sabbath
  • Five, the Beckhams have Seven, so you can have a name inspired by Five Finger Death Punch
  • Frost, inspired by Celtic Frost (not to be confused with Celtic Fringe)
  • Gunnar and Rose, the perfect twinset for Guns N’ Roses fans
  • Judas, as in Judas Priest, of course
  • Majesty, aka Dream Theater, a progressive metal group from Boston
  • Rush, we’re talking progressive metal, not conservative radio guy
  • Slayer, the ultimate heavy-metal name for a girl or a boy

13 Baby names inspired by heavy metal musicians

  • Angus, brothers Angus and Malcolm Young formed AC/DC in 1973
  • Harris, bassist Steve Harris formed Iron Maiden on Christmas Day 1975
  • Jon, the first member of Deep Purple was Jon Lord
  • Lars, Metallica was formed by Danish drummer Lars Ulrich
  • Les, Les Claypool is best known for his work with Primus
  • Ozzy, Black Sabbath’s Osbourne went solo (and then went reality TV)
  • Page, a baby girl name in honor of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page
  • Randy, guitarist Randall Rhoads played with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot
  • Rex, Rex Brown is Pantera’s bassist
  • Rudolf, Scorpions were launched in 1965 by Rudolf Schenker
  • Tommy and Lee, name twin boys after the Mötley Crüe founder

13 Baby names inspired by heavy metal albums

  • Abigail: Abigail, King Diamond
  • Ace: Ace of Spades, Motörhead
  • Blaze: A Blaze in the Northern Sky, Darkthrone
  • Dante: Dante XXI, Sepultura
  • Grace: Grace Under Pressure, Rush
  • Justice: …and Justice for All, Metallica
  • Melissa: Melissa, Mercyful Fate
  • Peace: Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying? Megadeth
  • Reign: Reign in Blood, Slayer
  • Rust: Rust in Peace, Megadeth
  • Seven: Keeper of the Seven Keys, Helloween
  • Violet: Shrinking Violet, L.A. Guns
  • Therion: To Mega Therion, Celtic Frost

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