Interflora's #Supermum campaign reminds us how hard mums work

Mar 13, 2015 at 12:58 p.m. ET
Image: Interflora Flowers/Twitter

Teacher, doctor, chauffeur, chef, peacemaker… just a few of the dozens of occupations that are rolled into one — the hardest job in the world, says Interflora. And naturally, all us mums agree.

The flower delivery company has to win advertising campaign of the year with its genius #Supermum job ad. The Mother's Day campaign includes a fake job listing in The Times, which has triggered an outpouring of praise, and a big collective thumbs-up from all the hard-working mothers in the U.K.


Interflora also surveyed 1,000 U.K. women with kids under 18 about the realities of being a modern mother. The emotional demand on mothers was found to be the hardest part of being a mum, with physical exhaustion also ranking highly. At the same time the majority of mums believe that being a mum is the most rewarding job they will ever have.

The thing about being a mum, compared to other jobs, is that there are no terms and conditions. You don't get holidays, you can't take an hour off for lunch whenever you feel like it, you can't call in sick and finding someone to share the workload (without money changing hands) can be near impossible. And the working hours? The Interflora survey found that the average mum works 119 hours a week. That's a lot of overtime…

Interflora Hardest Job in the World

Image credit: Interflora Flowers/Twitter

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Ah well, we can but dream. I know all the money in the world wouldn't beat a homemade card and a cuddle from my kids on Mother's Day. Honestly.

Use the Interflora salary calculator to work out how much you should be paid for being a mum. (Remember it's just for fun, sadly.)

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