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Dad has a viral dance-off with his 2-month-old baby (VIDEO)

Are you under the impression that babies are adorably useless blobs that lie around until they cry for their next meal? That’s where you’d be wrong. An infant who can’t even sit up yet has already learned to dance with his dad.

In under a minute, we see dancing dad Robert Diovin Atengco interact with his young son in the sweetest way. The video, taken in August 2014, shows a 2-month-old baby who just really wants to dance — and no one’s going to stop him.

If you have never seen a baby dance to techno before, this is going to make your day. Not to mention that the dancing dad’s awkward dance moves are pretty cute on their own.

How did this dad discover that his baby has mad dance skills? Atengco tells HLNtv, “He’s always been very observant from the get-go and continues to be. Really don’t know where he got his skills, as we don’t immerse him with TV or media. Before he was born, we would always have classic and jazz playing in the home.”

With two toddlers at home, I remember the baby years well. Every time I see a new parent relating to their infant in a unique way, I want to give them a hug. Lack of sleep, caring for a new person and the general fear of new parenthood can turn you into a crazy person. Actively seeking out comic relief like this dad did is the only way to relieve stress and stay in the moment.

As for this father-and-son dance team, it’s clear they’re going to be a blast at weddings. Once this baby gets his neck strength, I predict that “the worm” will be the next dance move on their list.

Atengco says of his newfound parenting fame, “We both felt very humbled, excited and happy that our little man can bring so much joy to so many people around the world by just being his adorable little self.”

Despite all viral attention, this dad takes it in stride. As cute as this video is, Atengco shares that there’s more to the dance-off than meets the eye. “It reminds me how much I love fatherhood and that being with my children is the greatest feeling in the world.”

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