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Yummy school lunch ideas for April Fools’ Day

Surprise your kids this April Fools’ Day with these funny lunch surprises that will have them LOLing. From a worm crawling out of their apple (don’t worry, it’s fake) to spiders on their food, have fun pranking them with these lunchtime gags.

Ready to give your kids a fun April Fools’ Day treat? These lunch gags are a fun way to add some laughter to their day.

Meatloaf cupcake

Meatloaf cupcake - April Fool's lunch gag

Image: Meet the Dubiens

Your kids will be expecting a sweet cupcake — so imagine their surprise when they instead taste savory meatloaf. To do this gag, make meatloaf in a cupcake pan (instead of a loaf) and top with plenty of icing to conceal what is inside. Consider using cupcake liners to further hide the surprise.

Wormy apple

Worms in apple - April Fool's Day gag lunches

Image: Meet the Dubiens

This fail-proof April Fools’ Day lunch is sure to bring a smile to your kid’s face. Simply poke a hole in the apple and place a gummy worm inside of it.

Fake bugs and sneaky drinks

April Fool's Lunch

Image: My Mix of Six

This April Fools’ Day lunch has it all! In addition to the worm in the apple, she put Sprite in the water bottle and placed a fake bug in the middle of the sandwich. Open up the chips at the bottom and switch them out for something else (perhaps seaweed or kale chips?) and tape the bottom shut. Place a small toy, like these wax lips, to add even more fun.

Moldy sandwich trick

April fool's day lunch gag

Image: Perpetual Kid

It is presented as a way to keep people from stealing your sandwich, but we think it makes a great April Fools’ Day lunch. Trick your kids into thinking you gave them a moldy sandwich. How to pull off this gag? Take a sandwich bag and place some “moldy” spots with ink. You can also buy a pack of them for around $5.

The great doughnut fake-out

April Fool's Day lunch

Image: The Guilty Crafter

I love this lunch idea! Put cream cheese on a bagel and decorate it with sprinkles to make it look like a donut. She also switched out peaches for gummy worms and swapped out Cheetos for carrots.

Is my food staring at me?

April Fool's Day lunch gag

Image: Thirty Handmade Days

This is an easy, yet fun idea when you are short on time. Simply buy a bag of candy eyes and place them on your kids’ lunch food. They will get a big surprise when they open their lunch box.

The cheese sandwich fake-out

April fool's lunch gag

Image: The Guilty Crafter

Your kids will get a treat when they are expecting a cheese sandwich and instead get pound cake with orange frosting on the inside. She also took a pack of cat food, washed it out and placed cereal on the inside. The Gatorade is really Jell-O — so attempting to drink it will be another big surprise.

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