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Mommy tweets: Frozen‘s Kristen Bell, Ashlee Simpson, Jessie James Decker

We rounded up the most buzz-worthy celebrity mom tweets and Instagram snapshots of the week including Kristen Bell, who confirmed that Frozen 2 was happening in the most hilarious way. Britney Spears was spotted getting goofy with her mom, while Jessie James Decker called out Instagram in their photo guidelines. Jessica Simpson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashlee Simpson all round out our list of the trending moms on social media.

Britney Spears posted this hilarious photo as she holds up her mom, Lynn Spears, as they stand on top of a mountain after a long hike.

The singer is enjoying a break from her Las Vegas shows until mid-April and is spending lots of time with her mom and her sons, 8-year-old Jayden and 9-year-old Sean.

Kristen Bell

Frozen 2 is totally happening and no one is as excited as Kristen Bell, who voices Princess Anna in the popular movie.

The actress tweeted this photo as she rests her head on a bag of ice. “Dreams really do come 2!!!,” she captioned the funny photo.

Bell has two daughters, Lincoln who turns 2 this month and her newborn daughter Delta, and she recently told Us Weekly that neither one has seen Frozen.

“The APA recommends that you let kids watch TV when they’re 2 and a half, so we’re trying to follow that, which unfortunately is not realistic for all parents — I understand, we’re shooting for the moon,” she said. “[It’s also for] their imagination, just so they don’t become sedentary and used to zoning out to videos. But she’s certainly seen videos, she loves the hell out of Snoopy! But we’re trying. She certainly hasn’t seen anything Frozen.”

Jessie James Decker

Instagram removed Jessie James Decker’s photo of her daughter, Vivianne, learning to potty train and she is not happy about it. She promptly re-posted the photo on Twitter.

She then re-posted the photo on Instagram with the caption: “Let’s see how long this lasts before it gets taken down but I bet u my previous pic will stay up. #mamabear#proudmama #sweetgirls I am a real mother who is proud of my daughter like any other mama on social media and excited to share sweet moments. And that’s the truth.”

James, who is expecting her second child with NFL hunk Eric Decker, later posted a photo (below) of Kim Kardashian lying naked in bed, which Kim had posted on her own Instagram page.

“Soooo this is appropriate but my daughter going potty on her potty with nothing showing is flagged as inappropriate??? Wow instagram. Wow,” she wrote.

Jessica Simpson

It looks like Jessica Simpson’s kids only fly private. The actress and fashion mogul posted this photo of her daughter Maxwell playing on a leather seat in an airplane with the caption, “Private Plane Scrunchie Poser.”

Gwyneth Paltrow and Kerry Washington

We love it when celebrity moms take selfies together. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kerry Washington look fab in this selfie that Gwyn posted on her Instagram page. The two actresses have known each other for quite some time as they both went to the same posh Spence School in Manhattan.

Ashlee Simpson

Pregnant Ashlee Simpson and her new husband, Evan Ross, got all dressed up for Dr. Seuss Day for her son Bronx. “Me and my boys just doing a little celebrating this week for Dr. Suess,” she captioned the photo with the hashtag, “kindergardenlife.” Bronx is her son with her ex-husband, Pete Wentz. She and Ross, who is the son of Diana Ross, are expecting their first child together this year.

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