15 Hilarious truths about how tech has changed families

If you answer all homework-related questions with “Google it” and credit your Instagram-worthy Minecraft-themed birthday party to Pinterest, then you can’t deny the power of the internet. Need more convincing? Here are 15 hilarious ways the internet has changed families.

1. Formal family photos have been replaced by selfies

Image: Slim Teller/Flickr

There’s no need for formal family photos when you just broke in your “selfie stick” on your family vacation in Hawaii. Plus, let’s face it, that new photo-editing app has some filters that make you look fabulous, and you have way more memorable pictures now than you did when you relied on a professional.

2. You and your daughter can have an entire conversation using only emojis and hashtags

Image: downloadsource.fr/Flickr

Writing out words is so three years ago when a kissing-face emoji says it all. Throw in a few hashtags, like #momknowsbest or #goodluck, and you are totally #winning at text speak.

3. You can blow your kids’ minds with talks of encyclopedias and word processors

That’s right, kids, we couldn’t just Google a question and get an immediate answer, we had to look it up in the family encyclopedia or (gasp!) wait until we made it to the library. We didn’t have cell phones, but getting a cordless phone in the house was a game changer. Home computers weren’t around just yet, but we did have a fancy word processor that would even spell-check some words. Raise your hand if all of this is met with a horrified blank stare from the kids. Sometimes it’s fun to be old.

4. You and your kids now listen to the same music

You and your son just downloaded the new Mumford & Sons song from iTunes at the same time… much to his horror.

5. Your husband is surprised he stinks at real-life golf since he always beats Tiger Woods on the Xbox

Image: Loving Earth/Flickr

He makes Tiger Woods look like a chump when playing him on the Xbox, but on the real golf course, his 70-year-old dad with cataracts can beat him. What gives?

6. You no longer have to wonder what your kids are up to

Chances are, they are Instagramming, Facebooking, tweeting or Vining every second of their day, so you can take a look at their social media pages to find out everything you need to know.

7. You can now cyber-stalk your daughter’s boyfriend to make sure he is a nice guy

You have already checked out his social media pages and done a background check of him and his parents before she has even brought him over for dinner. After all, it’s your duty to do some due diligence to make sure he is a nice guy.

8. Two words: autocorrect fails

Yes, we know, kids — mom and dad autocorrect fails are the best.

9. YouTube is the new TV and Netflix is the new movie theater

Image: Jessica Lucia/Flickr

Families now gather around the computer to watch hilarious YouTube videos instead of gathering around the TV. Movie theaters are fun every now and then, but it is hard to beat having a family movie night in the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can binge-watch shows you used to love, and watch your kids love them too.

10. Traveling cross-country with two toddlers in tow is now a breeze, as long as your iPad is charged

Image: reway2007/Flickr

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of parents on a road trip faster than seeing a low battery on any of the electronic devices.

11. You can Google all homework questions and look like a genius

Seriously. There is no way you could remember who was the sixth president of the United States. It was John Quincy Adams, by the way.

12. You don’t need a pediatrician — you have WebMD

OK, you didn’t really replace your pediatrician and sure, you may have misdiagnosed your child’s pinkeye as a rare tropical eye-eating worm, but the internet has given you some great tips on handling your child’s lingering cough.

13. You get a blank stare when you tell the kids to push the “pound sign”

Image: Pete Prodoehl/Flickr

It is now called a hashtag.

14. Your kids have no idea how to find directions on a map

Image: Ed Yourdon/Flickr

Thank goodness for MapQuest and Wi-Fi, otherwise your kids would have no idea where anything was. To be honest, your map-reading skills are a bit rusty as well.

15. Your photoshopping skills are on point

You can not only smooth out wrinkles on your forehead and whiten your teeth, but you can also photoshop your husband into photos when he gets stuck late at work or erase that stain off of your son’s shirt with the swipe of a mouse.

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