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Burlesque baby names for girls

Burlesque names have a glamorous and exotic sound to them, with a hint of cheekiness. In fact, they make a surprisingly fun choice when looking for names for your baby girl. From Mae to Dita, check out these beautiful burlesque baby names for girls.

Burlesque baby names for girls

Burlesque dancers wear glamorous clothes, such as corsets, stilettos and feathers, and have equally glamorous names. One of the most famous burlesque dancers, Legs Malone, revealed to International Business Times how they come up with their glamorous names.

“Performers get their names in so many different ways. They can be plays on their real names, nicknames, even relative’s names (like a grandmother or a foxy aunt) or one’s actual or fabricated/adopted heritage,” she said. “Jo Boobs Weldon, the headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, has a great formula that involves picking a flower and cheese and combining them to get a name. Really, it’s whatever speaks to that individual performer which gives such a wonderful diversity of names.”

Using that formula, my burlesque name should be Tulip Gouda. Not sure if that really rolls off the tongue. Moving on…

Famous burlesque dancer names

To help you come up with the perfect burlesque baby girl name, check out this list of some of the most famous dancers from the past and the present — starting with Mae West. The name Mae is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It is of French origin and means “goddess of spring growth.”

One of the most popular burlesque dancers currently is Dita Von Teese. Dita is another great name which is of Spanish origin, meaning, “spoils of war.”

Check out more names of famous burlesque dancers:

French burlesque names

French names are a popular choice for burlesque names, as they sound exotic and romantic. Here are a few of our favorite burlesque-inspired French names:

Retro names with a twist

Famous burlesque dancer Jo Boobs Weldon suggested a flower name mixed with a cheese name, however, looking at the list of famous burlesque dancers above, a retro name combined with the name of a cocktail or booze also seems to be a hit. Along that line of thinking, here are more burlesque-inspired names.

School of Burlesque offers other ideas when coming up with burlesque names, such as fabric (Velvet, Cotton or Suede), a type of fruit (Plum or Clementine) or a city (London or Brooklyn).

Lastly, there are several “burlesque name generators” that may help you get started on finding the perfect baby name for your future… er… burlesque dancer. For the record, mine is Paris von Strudel.

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