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These 14 babies just doing their own thing have us LOLing hard (VIDEO)

Truth be told, we did try to write this article from inside a hamster cage, but we couldn’t quite get ourselves in there. So, we wrote it from a desk, which didn’t have quite the same appeal.


We don’t know about you, but we, too, like to peruse an upside-down toy catalog while sipping on our morning bottle of milk. That is, of course, after we’ve completed our morning aerobics in a seriously committed manner, all the while remaining seated. We love exercise where we get to sit down.

Besides inducing some serious belly chuckles, this video made us realize that we would enjoy life so much more if we were capable of finding amusement in the small stuff, just like babies. To that end, if you’re looking for us, we can probably be found in the bathroom wrapping toilet paper around our heads. Probably won’t head out to the backyard to do jumping squats, though; that’s standing up exercise and we don’t do that.

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