The best family Easter activities from Pinterest

Take Easter fun up a notch with these clever activities your kids are sure to love. From a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt to LEGO egg racers, we scoured Pinterest to find Easter fun for the entire family.

These Easter activities capture the spirit of Easter without all the sugary foods. From fun games to cool crafts, make this Easter a time to bond with your family over fun.

Eggheads with Hair

Eggheads with hair - Easter crafts for kids

Image: NutureStore

These eggheads with cress hair would look so cute sitting on your windowsill —  and the kids are sure to love them. You simply clean out an egg and use a marker to create a funny face. Place some moist cotton inside for the seeds. Sprinkle with cress seeds (or grass seeds will work also). The seeds will sprout in only a few days. Cress is also considered a superfood, so snip it off and sprinkle it on a salad or sandwich.

You can also use plastic eggs as planters for your eggheads. How cute is this?

Easter egg planter

Image: Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

Glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt

Glow in the dark Easter Eggs

Image: Lil’ Luna

Make the Easter egg hunt more exciting by making these cool glowing Easter eggs. Check out Lil’ Luna for the full tutorial, however, simply place glow sticks into plastic eggs (you may need to tape them shut) and have fun hiding them around your yard at night. The kids will have a blast searching for these glow-in-the-dark eggs.

LEGO egg racers

Lego egg racer

Image: Planet Smarty Pants

If your kids are as crazy about LEGOs as mine are, they will love creating these LEGO egg racers. Planet Smarty Pants had this great idea that gets your kids thinking like engineers while constructing the perfect aerodynamic car that will also protect their egg from cracking.

Puzzle Easter egg hunt

Puzzle easter egg hunt

Image: Make The Best Of Everything

This puzzle Easter egg hunt is great for parents or school parties that are trying to steer clear of candy and sweets. You can either buy a blank puzzle and add your own Easter message or buy a puzzle that has an Easter picture on it and place the pieces in the plastic eggs. Your kids will love creating their puzzle as they find the eggs.

Easter egg suncatcher

Easter egg suncatcher

Image: Jannelle Preston at heart felt

This Easter egg suncatcher is so pretty and would make the perfect gift for grandparents or teachers. Check out heart felt for the full tutorial, but you simply cut out an egg shape on sticky contact paper and have the kids decorate with sequins, colorful construction paper and designs. Place another piece of contact paper on top to enclose the artwork and hang it on the window with a pretty piece of yarn.

Texture eggs

Texture easter eggs

Image: Twodaloo

I’ll admit it — dyeing eggs isn’t as fun as the box makes it appear. It is messy, it stains your hands (and the countertops) and the eggs always turn a weird brown color instead of the colorful tie-dye creations you are attempting. I love this idea of gluing fabric, sequins, yarn and buttons to eggs to make them not only colorful, but furry as well. Check out Twodaloo for the tutorial and to find out how these texture eggs also aid in development.

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