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Chuck E. Cheese birthday brawl sends two employees to the hospital

In today’s “what is wrong with people?” news, a gang of Chuck E. Cheese birthday party guests attacked employees, causing serious injuries, over a broken photo booth. The brawl occurred in a mob-like attack in front of children in an Ohio Chuck E. Cheese dining area.

Sadly, this is not a joke. After the mother of the child at the birthday party complained to a Chuck E. Cheese employee about an out of order photo booth, things quickly went downhill from there. The mother was told by a manager that she had to wait. As Lt. Kevin Riley of the Parma Police Department told Huffington Post, the mother’s boyfriend followed the manager into the kitchen, where he threatened his life and started a physical attack.

Loyal Chuck E. Cheese employees tried to jump in and help their manager as the unprecedented attack grew larger. Other adult partygoers joined in the assault, which police believe was completely one-sided. Police confirm that up to five men from the birthday party participated in the attack, with close to a dozen party guests cheering them on.

As a result of the mob attack, two managers sustained serious injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital, where they were later released. In total, six employees were injured by birthday party guests, including one young female employee under age 18 who was hit in the face by guests as she tried to call 911. Police believe that the “mob” was made up only of adults.

If you’re wondering what is in the water at Chuck E. Cheese that caused people to go from zero to rabid in 60 seconds, you’re not the only one. Sure, Chuck E. Cheese is a high-stress environment where you feel like you have to spend your life savings in quarters to keep your kids happy, but there is no logical explanation for violence when a grown adult doesn’t get their way.

And let’s not forget the fact that this barroom brawl happened in front of children at a kids’ pizza place. These kids were watching their parents act like idiots — just because they were told to wait a few minutes. It’s pretty clear why we see kids resort to physical violence at school when they don’t know how to handle their problems. Look no further than these disgusting adults who attacked (and threatened to kill) Chuck E. Cheese employees because they were told to wait.

Chuck E. Cheese: Where a kid can be a kid, and where parents act worse than children.

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