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10 Parents tell us what they think of the new Annie DVD

The new Annie movie is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 17, but 10 lucky parents had a chance to view it early. Here’s what they thought.

Important storyline

There’s no question that Annie is a fun movie to watch, but it doesn’t take long to see that it also has a pretty important story to tell. Annie is so much more than a curly-haired girl who can sing and dance. She has a few big lessons to teach in between songs.

Blogger Sheena Tatum has two young sons, but she says the story still hit home with her little group. “Annie teaches a story of perseverance, delivering a dose of reality light enough for children to understand, engage in and learn from,” she writes. “Annie’s character sets a great example as she faces the odds, always with a smile. It’s hard not to fall in love with the infectious story and spunky characters.”

Image: Sophistishe

Kimberly Seals Allers says the new version of the flick touched her family in a way the older version didn’t — and made it appealing even to her teenage daughter. “We just love the story — the idea of wanting something better. The idea of persevering and still being optimistic. The realization of what really matters in life. The quest to be connected to family and the opportunity to be great.” She writes in her blog that while watching the movie, her daughter envisioned herself as a young girl with a moment to seize. That’s a pretty big takeaway from a movie for any parent.

One blogger, Onica Cupido, holds the original version of Annie close to her heart. She was apprehensive about whether the new version would be able to make the same impression. Lucky for her, she wasn’t disappointed. Cupido says the movie left a mark on her for two reasons, the first being the message of hope. “To have and keep hope with anything you do in life is a wonderful lesson. But Annie’s hope doesn’t just inspire her but also touches everyone around her,” she writes. Read about the second reason Cupido loved the movie on her blog.

The last great message of the movie, according to blogger Vera Sweeney, is the importance of facing what life gives you and getting through it. “You face what life gives you and you push forward. And if you are anything like Annie, you do it with a big smile on your face.” Sweeney says life is all about positivity, and Annie is a great example of that.

Conversation starter

As a former foster child, blogger Lori Pace has a big story to tell. That story, however, isn’t always an easy one to tell her kids. Thankfully, the movie gave her a way to have those not-so-easy conversations. “I give it credit for being a wonderful family movie that opened up the dialogue between my kids and I about everything from foster care to illiteracy to learning to trust someone again,” said Pace.

Image: A Day in Motherhood

Family time

Audrey McClelland has five children, but not all of them have seen the original version of Annie, even though it was her favorite childhood movie. When she had the opportunity to share the new Annie with her family, she was most excited to share it with her sons, since it would be their first exposure to the classic tale. McClelland wrote that she wasn’t sure her boys would like the movie, but she was pleasantly surprised. “My sons were captured with Annie from the very beginning.”

According to McClelland, it’s the perfect choice for family movie night. “I loved watching my children fall in love with Annie because it’s such a feel-good movie. It’s the kind of film you watch over and over and over again with your family.”

Family movie night

When you watch Annie with your family, take a hint from blogger Maggie Brereton and go all out. When she viewed the movie with her clan, she made official popcorn bags for everyone to give it that movie-theater feel, even though they were at home.

Image: Smashed Peas and Carrots

Make it a party

Blogger Danielle Smith took it even farther and created an entire viewing party around the movie for her daughter and friends. The event was complete with a decorated viewing area and a big buffet of Annie-themed snacks.

Image: Extraordinary Mommy

“I would be lying if I told you they didn’t take full advantage (and that my family room wasn’t a bit of a candy-popcorn-movie war zone as they watched),” wrote Smith, “but the joy, the giggling, the crowded moments of sharing pillows and singing songs was beyond worth it.”

Kelly Dixon’s party was also a smashing success, due in large part to her expertly coordinated snack bar. We’re sure the kids were thrilled to dip into the money-themed chocolates with a nod to Mr. Stacks.

Deborah Strumm’s viewing party served strictly desserts, the star of the show being an Annie-themed ice cream bar. Visit her blog to see the other mouthwatering treats she served.

Image: Super Moms 360

This post was brought to you by the Annie movie.

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