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Adam Hills’ #smelfie is the new parenting trend for dads

A video was doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago of an uncle changing his nephew’s nappy. “What’s wrong?” the little guy on the change table would ask while his uncle was having a hard time keeping his lunch down during the nappy change. “Nothing, mate,” he said, doing his best to cover up the fact that change time was right up there with sticking a pen in his eye on the list of his favourite things to do.

Of course, no-one really enjoys change time, but Australian comedian, Adam Hills, has started a nappy change revolution, further encouraging fathers to get involved during nappy changes by sharing a selfie he’s branded the “smelfie”.

Following on from Hills’ smelfie share, dads are encouraged to share their own stinky situations on Twitter with the #smelfie hashtag.

And they’re jumping on board, too.

“I’m encouraging more dads to change their babies’ dirty nappies,” Hills told more than 342,000 followers on Twitter, adding, “I call this a #shelfie. Feel free to post your own.”

After some input from his fans, it was then decided that #smelfie would be a more appropriate, and accurate, hashtag.

“Yes tweeps, you’re right. Photos of Dads changing nappies should be called #smeflies. Now go!” Hills tweeted.

Here’s what dads around the country, and the world, have shared with their #smelfie tweets.

1. When the nappy change becomes an outfit change:

2. After realising taking a smelfie before putting another nappy on is a really bad idea:

3. You know it’s bad when even the kids can’t stand the smell:

4. One of the many interesting smells that comes with being a parent:

5. And then comes the poo explosion:

6. This guy is having twice the amount of fun. But he’s disqualified because he couldn’t take his own smelfie:

7. This dad thinks the smell is so bad that the nappy is ready for the toxic waste bin:

8. What a great way to start a relaxed Sunday morning — with a coffee and a nappy change:

9. The unfortunate moment when it gets on your hands:

10. That worrying moment when you realise such a small and adorable little baby can produce something so incredibly disgusting:

Share your own smelfies with us on Twitter.

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