Lottie the doll launches gender equality campaign on International Women’s Day

Lottie, the doll created to defy gender stereotypes, brought International Women’s Day 2015 to the younger generation with the launch of a new campaign. #BeYou is designed to build the self-esteem of young girls and we think it’s awesome.

The year-long initiative, which was launched to coincide with International Women’s Day, will include activities, events and social media content to inspire Lottie’s fans.

To kick things off, Lottie released a collection of biographies of inspiring females for kids to download from the lottie.com website to teach them about the achievements of great women throughout history.

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Also in the pipeline is the release of a new range of Lottie dolls, including the astronomy-themed Stargazer Lottie (a collaboration with the European Space Agency) and Fossil Hunter (in conjunction with Trowelblazers, a team of international female palaeontologists).

Co-founder and creative director of Lottie, Lucie Follett, said: “We want to expose girls to all of the options that are open to them, activities that will stimulate their minds and also keep their bodies active; science, sports and other outdoor activities, as well as fun, imaginary play. There are many ways to be a girl.”

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