Alyssa Milano posts super-cute breastfeeding photo

As if Alyssa Milano and her baby daughter weren’t cute enough, the actress posts another amazing breastfeeding photo.

I love how little Elizabella doesn’t pay any attention to her mom’s makeup artist — she just wants some lunch. It’s just another day in the life for a baby girl, who just happens to have a famous mom.

This isn’t the first time she’s shared a breastfeeding photo, and I love that she’s continuing to do it. Posting nursing pics online is a wonderful way to show solidarity to other nursing moms, and it also helps normalize it. The more we see moms nursing, the more normal it will seem. Instead of breastfeeding being some weird controversial anomaly, it will just be a part of life — a truth nursing moms already know.

I love it when moms share nursing pics, and I love it when celebs do, too. Keep up the breastfeeding photos, Alyssa.

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