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8 Practical things every new mom should buy in bulk

As a new mom, you’ve got enough on your plate. And as you’ve probably discovered, shopping trips are not as simple as they once were. You don’t need to drag your little one to the store several times a week just to stock up on key items.

Make your life just a little bit easier by buying these items in bulk so you can stay at home — preferably in your PJs.

1. Diapers

You know you’re going to need these — tons and tons of them. Why not just buy a couple giant boxes to keep yourself from running out, because that’s something no one should ever have to deal with.

2. Wipes

Let’s face it. Your life pretty much revolves around cleaning up messes right now. Wipes aren’t just good for the messes that involve diapers (although those are the worst kinds of messes, right?). Stock up on these and use them for everything from sticky faces and hands to whatever that is on your shirt.

3. Paper towels

While we’re on the subject of messes, let’s just admit that there are some messes so horrendous no wipe could ever touch it. For those messes, you’re going to need paper towels. Buy them by the crate, if you can.

4. Formula

If you’re a formula-feeding mom, you’ll soon be amazed at how fast you go through this liquid gold. Save yourself some time — and a big chunk of money — by buying cans of formula by the box.

5. Laundry detergent

Her clothes may be tiny, but she’s going to go through them at lightning speed. Plus, there’s a good chance she’ll destroy your shirt in the process. By adding one very small new member to your family, you’ve more than tripled your laundry load. Find a good, stain-fighting, baby-friendly detergent and buy it giant bottles — trust us.

6. Baby food

Once your little one hits about 6 months old, she’ll probably start eating jarred baby food. Before too long, she’ll be eating several jars per meal, several times a day. Buying these in bulk will save you money, and keep you from having to run to the grocery store every time your stock of pureed sweet potatoes runs dry. Look for bulk variety packs (no one wants to eat creamed corn at every meal for a month) and only buy flavors you know your baby will eat.

7. Bottles

Do you really need to buy a giant box of bottles? No. Will it save your sanity to not have to stand at the sink washing bottles every few hours? Absolutely.

8. Toilet paper

OK, this one’s for you and not the baby, but hear us out. A key item like this is something no one can go without, and there’s a good chance your foggy mommy brain will forget all about when you’re at the grocery store. Do yourself a favor and buy a big box, if nothing more than for your peace of mind.

This post is brought to you by BJ’s Wholesale Club and Procter & Gamble.

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